Rolling Bowling

Stop the digital presses! Genjing Records have gone rockabilly just in time for the dawn of summer. Okay, maybe not exclusively, but we are mighty proud to announce the worldwide release of our newest split 7″ from none other than Beijing psychobilly darlings, Rolling Bowling and Madrid’s high-octane, rockabilly-centric 13 Bats. For fans of electrified swing, punk, ska, 80′s era rockabilly and flat out Rock & Roll, consider this our (mightily hangover) birthday gift, or whatever, to you and yours. Like most everything Genjing related, this shit’s extremely limited, so you’d best bust open that piggy bank you’ve been staring at for the majority of your adult life and head over to our shop before these things go the way of the styrofoam Big Mac container. Crack open a bottle of rye, pour yourself three fingers and have a listen after the jump. Btw, we’re throwing in a free, unopened tin of Brylcreem, manufactured in 1928, with every purchase! Psych.

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We honestly couldn’t be more excited announce the immediate release of Beijing experimentalist, Yang Fan’s debut solo album, What Happened After 1,001 Nights? Recorded, performed, mixed and produced entirely at home, “1,001 Nights” is a borderline-improbably self-baked, full length documentation of a truly progressive female id literally running wild over the course of 12 tracks, which range from soothing avant-pop to the uncanny sound of feral alley cats in heat, backed by by quasi-modular, organic instrumentation. It’s the kind of record best explored after dark, prone, in a solitary bedroom, eyes closed, headphones cranked and at times, teeth clinched. We could go on forever about how highly listenable this mind leak of an album is, but for the sake of brevity, we’ll keep our auditory emotions relatively industry standard, length wise. We are a record label, after all. That said, as with most everything Genjing related, What Happened After 1,001 Nights? is a limited edition release, so we suggest that if you like what you hear (as much as we do) after the jump, go ahead and visit our shop and grab yourself up a copy, stat. We’ve got a feeling these puppies could possibly be gone before we even finish our initial press cycle. Wishful thinking? Maybe. We’re just looking out for y’all. Don’t miss out!

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Back in the dog days of 2014 we dropped, with much fanfare, Eight Horses, the newest double LP from Dalien post-rock vets Wang Wen. Now, you happy-go-lucky Europeans are in a position to behold the majestic magic™ that is the Wang Wen live experience. We strongly suggest you pull that pig tailed cousin of yours off the Swiss Miss box and drag her out to the venue/city of your choice to get her mind BLOWN! This isn’t the first time this band of musical seekers have thrown down on European soil, but it may well be your only chance to catch them in Ye Old World, this year. Check the dates after the jump, then put a big ‘ol X on your official Michael Schumacher calendar for good measure. Don’t blow it, Europe!

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Okay, this isn’t, like, a secret or anything, but all of us here at Genjing World HQ Beijing PRC are pretty massive fans of the transcendental, globe-trotting, motoric, synth ‘n bass stuff brothers Josh and Simon Frank make under the moniker, Hot & Cold.  Not only are these gentlemen wildly talented and retardedly intelligent as stand alone individuals, they’re just fucking incredibly nice…so nice in fact, that we are borderline intimidated by their über healthy bravado, pretty much, full stop.  In order to counterbalance this well adjusted bullshit, we tasked label douche, Matthew Kagler, to interview these elusive cats who consistently travel, travel and travel some more “sans computers”.  Check out the interaction between these three below the jump.  Oh, and if you haven’t heard, Genjing recently put out a (biological) bros vs. bros split featuring none other than Tonstartssbandht and, you guessed it, Hot & Cold.  We’ve literally got six copies left of this release that aren’t already in distribution.  Just ‘sayin.  Anyhoo, enjoy.

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Hey Beijing!  Cancel whatever you had planned this Saturday night, ‘cuz local concert promoters, Kou Niao’s anniversary show is gonna go off!  We don’t normally post events here on the blog that aren’t specifically Genjing related, but look at that fucking lineup.  Holy shit!  If you’re into or even remotely interested in the local independent music scene, you’d best get your ass over to Mao, like, early on Saturday – “The Bunker” (aka Mao) is gonna be a sardine tin by 10pm, wethinks.  Oh, bye the bye if you’re into Carsick Cars and/or Av Okubo, we’ve still got a couple copies of their latest Genjing releases sitting around the warehouse.  Snap ‘em up!



As most of you are aware, Genjing rung out the year that was 2014 with a shit hot split pitting our two favorite bands of brothers, Tonstartssbandht and Hot & Cold, against each other.  The result of this most natural pairing of musical siblings turned out startlingly well, so well, in fact, that after a little piece from our friends at Noisey  hit and Tonstartssbandht set off on a lengthy December/January tour of Australia and New Zealand, them little handsomely packaged 7” records became quite scarce.  Subtle Hint: if you don’t own this thing, you’d best make a move over to our shop, like, right now and snap one up before that becomes an impossibility. Anyhoo, promotional skew aside, wanna know more about the inner workings of Tonstartssbandht?  So did we.  So, we dusted off/fired up our Commodore VIC-20 and contacted one half of the ‘Bandht, Andy White, who was kind enough to discuss all sorts of shit with us.  It’s a good, dare we say, “informative” read – and no, we don’t bother him with any questions about his day job as Mac Demarco’s guitarist.  We’d like to think that Tonstartssbandht’s, erm, “artistry” should stand on it’s own, ‘cuz…it does.  Super stoked I could fit the term artistry in there!  Whew, that felt good.  Check out Andy White’s mind after the jump.




In celebration of the newly released Primitive Calculators/Torturing Nurse split 7” we threw a big ‘ol party in the hallowed halls of Yugong Yishan, right smack in the middle of the Red Capital. Those Beijinger’s lucky enough to make it to this officially sanctioned JUE Festival event were treated to some of the best independent music this fair city has to offer in the form of Birdstriking and SUBS, which is basically a show unto itself, in our books – but it was the main event most in attendance were after and the Primitive Calculators completely and totally delivered. The four piece played an inspired set culled mostly from their debut album, The World is Fucked. In short, they slayed. Just in case you slept on this one, we sent along photographer Seth Grant, who does things with fancy cameras we don’t necessarily understand. The party starts (again) after the jump.



Primitive Calculators

Hey, 2015! Over the course of a single month (thus far) you’ve straight-up embarrassed 2014 when it comes to releasing new and amazing musical content on what seems to be a weekly basis. Color us impressed! Anyhoo, not to be outdone by our fellow ear-candy purveyors the world over, we, the mostly sentient peoples of Genjing Records are beyond pleased to officially announce our first internationally distributed release of 2015, which (rather seamlessly) pairs two legendary noise pariahs of the atonal variety: namely, Melbourne, Australia synth punk demigods, Primitive Calculators and Shanghai’s harshest sons, Torturing Nurse. This limited edition 7″ in diameter split single captures stunningly dark, new material from both outfits just in time to embrace what’s left of the winter chill here in the heart of the Red Capital and beyond.


Primitive Calculators China Tour!

Primitive Calculators China Tour!

That’s right, China – legendary, experimental, synth punk pioneers Primitive Calculators are headed your way this coming March for a string of dates you’re not going to want to miss out on at any cost! Since reforming in 2009 (after a nearly three decade hiatus) at the behest of the King Badseed himself, Nick Cave, the Calculators essentially picked up right where they left off with their iconic 1979 debut single I Can’t Stop It b/w Do That Dance. For China-side fans of unrelenting proto-darkwave, this is your chance to take a pitch black journey back to the future – an evening with the original lineup of a band certain museos in the know from Copenhagen to Chicago would bend over backwards to catch live. Presented by Split Works in conjunction with well…us, the ever humble people at Genjing Records, who just happen to also be releasing brand spanking new Primitive Calculators material in the form of an upcoming split 7” single with Shanghai’s Torturing Nurse, to coincide with the tour, this is, once more, a justifiable reason to clear your calendar for at least one of the below dates. Don’t blow it!

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Hot & Cold
Joshua & Simon Frank – Hot & Cold

Just in time for the “Best Tracks of 2014″ you post on your Tumblr for the world to see, backslash, appreciate your most excellent taste in left of center tune-age, we, the ever busy bodied people of Genjing Records are beyond thrilled to announce our newest foré into the world of 7″ split singles – the latest works of electro-inflected, transcendental blues by two sets of brothers who couldn’t be more similar, both socially and circumstantially. Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to cordially introduce you to Joshua + Simon Frank and Edwin Mathis + Andy White, collectively/ individually known better as Hot & Cold and Tonstartssbandht.