Struggle Session Tour Spain & Morocco

Beijing-based, self-proclaimed “brutally fun fastcore” act, Struggle Session, are storming the Iberian peninsula with a string of shows on both sides of the Gibraltar Strait. They have been winning fans across China with their intense sound and wild performances, often involving wardrobe changes and failures. Check out some of their live videos here and, if you’re in Southern Spain, don’t sleep on these shows!

The tour promotes their new split 12″ release with Guangzhou punks Die!ChiwawaDie! Each band takes a side, throwing down raw hardcore-punk, on beautiful splatter vinyl. Be sure to check it out on-line and grab your copy here.

Full tour dates after the jump…

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Die!ChiwawaDie! / Struggle Session split 12″~!

We’re super excited to announce the release of our new split 12″ between Guangzhou’s Die!ChiwawaDie! and Beijing’s Struggle Session! This record brings together two of China’s most exciting DIY hardcore acts on one piece of wax. Die!ChiwawaDie! open with 13 tracks of raw emotive punkrock, thrashing the stage while proclaiming that they “will never be a hardcore band.” On the flip side, Struggle Session tear through 8 scorchers blending grindcore, deathcore, and 80’s hardcore-punk into a brutal shot of unique modern fastcore. Co-released with Guangzhou’s QiiSnacks Records, this split represents the forfront of China’s DIY underground. Check it out online and pick up your copy today.

New Split 12″ Featured on Pirates Press

We’re excited to announce the release of our new 12″ and proud that it’s already appeared on Pirate Press’ Record of the Week blog! The record is a split between two of China’s most exciting new DIY acts: Guangzhou’s Die!ChiwawaDie! and Beijing’s Struggle Session. The release is planned for this Friday, but, since the preverbal cat is already out of the bag we thought a sneak-peak was in order.

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Which Way Is China? Documentary

In March of 2015, we organized a China tour for legendary Melbourne synth punk band Primitive Calculators. They performed eight shows across five cities with notable local acts such as Birdstriking, Snapline, AV Okubo, and Torturing Nurse. If fact, the tour was in conjunction with the release of a Genjing 7″ split between Primitive Calculators and Torturing Nurse. Remember that one? It was a scorcher!

The whole idea for the tour came about while discussing the Melbourne scene of the late ’70s, specifically the Little Bands, spearheaded by Stuart Grant and the Primitive Calculators, and comparing it with Beijing’s Zoomin’ Night scene of the mid-00s, masterminded by Zhu Wenbo. We wanted to bring these two luminaries together and see what sort of magic would ensue. The new documentary Which Way Is China? tells the story of that tour, the meeting of two scenes thirty years apart, and a struggle to come to grips with just what is happening with modern China. The whole documentary is currently available to stream on YouTube, drop whatever you’re doing now and go check it out!

Haisong Featured on Bandcamp Daily

Yang Haisong wears many hats. For starters, he’s played on more Genjing releases than any other artist, performing in Dear Eloise, After Argument, and Alpine Decline. His connection to Genjing doesn’t stop there as he’s recorded and produced many of the releases in our catalog: The Fallacy, The Fuzz, The Yours, Alpine Decline, Carsick Cars, Low Bow, The Diders… the list goes on. He’s also the one who gave the label its name! This is all on top of running the Beijing label Maybe Mars and fronting his own band, the seminal P.K.14! Haisong has recently been profiled by Bandcamp Daily highlighting some of his work. It’s a good read written by our friend Josh Feola. Check it out!


photo by Igor Marques

I’ve had Rio de Janeiro-based artist NEGRO LEO on almost constant rotation ever since I was tasked with writing up his recent Genjing split 7″ with Shanghai duo Little Monster. Really mashes all my buttons… late-Flag Ginn chords poured into a blender and pulverized ever so anti-musically, accompanied by a synth player who could have been in The Screamers and an angry sax contortionist. Like my ideal version of sickeningly off-sounding punk.

But of course I’m projecting and realized I have next to zero idea about underground music in Rio. So I asked Leo a bunch of questions about it, and how it might compare with Beijing circa 2008, as it’s having it’s own Olympic moment right now. Here he is on his influences, both international and homegrown, the delicate dance between government and art in 21st-century Brazil, and his forthcoming “anarcho-gospel” album.

-Josh Feola

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have recently released the music video for the track ‘Bird Is Flying’, directed by Alessio Avezzano. It’s chock-a-block full of shaky, blurry, disorientating closeups – making for an entrancing music video.

We got the chance to chat with Alessio, to get to know a little bit more about his work, and the making of the wicked music video. Enjoy!



Liz Brain - Image 4

If you’ve been checking out our site recently I’m sure you’re now well aware, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are releasing their first long player A Million Farewells in November. A Million Farewells is a concise full­length chock­full of wooly, dreamy, delicate, white­knuckled shoegaze imbued modern hymns.

The great LP is equally matched with stunning cover art designed by Australian artist, Elizabeth Brain. The Fine Arts student specializes in collages and illustrations, her unique style and use of colour makes for a striking LP cover. Recently we had the chance to speak with Elizabeth to get to know a little bit about her artistic process, and about some of her recent projects.



Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Band 01

In anticipation of the release of our newest and ever expanding cavalcade of full length 12” records, in this case, A Million Farewells, by Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes, we sat down (at our respective computers) and had a little conversation with the ever affable Xiao Zhong regarding his band’s new indie centric, quasi-shoegazey album, the status of the outfit in general and filming videos of one’s cat frollicking about a maternal backyard. The results are, we’d like to think, as highly readable as the album itself is listenable, but that would probably be stretching it a little. Actually, that’d be total bullshit. A Million Farewells is a true indie rock classic, in our books, at least, and one you should be on the lookout for on November 13th, but until then, we’ll let Xiao Zhong wet your musical appetite a bit in the form of the below Q&A session. Enjoy!



Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes   "A Million Farewells" LP

In our endless quest to work with bands who are basically impossible to Google, we would like to cordially re-re-introduce you to Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes, whose debut long player, A Million Farewells, just happens to be available for pre order right this very second (China / Australia / US)! As keen readers of this here blog will hopefully recall, Genjing threw Tom & Katie’s eponymous 7” “Ni Bu Ai Wo” out into the wilds a little while back, as well. A Million Farewells is a, pardon the expression, million miles from the recordings Xiao Zhong and Sharon Cee-Q first handed us back in the day, as a duo. Don’t get the wrong impression, we’re not throwing shade on our own wares here, folks – those jams are fantastic in their own right, just a whole different ball of wax than the newbie. This visage of Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes is a fully formed unit who’ve delivered an album as stunning as it is challengingly pleasant. Somehow coaxing astonishingly strong production out of seemingly thin air, the band managed to create a long player that has a true flavor of its own, which is quite a feat in today’s musical climate. Don’t miss out, pre-order your copy today!