Photo by Matthew Niederhauser

Based in: Beijing, CHINA
For fans of: Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Bad Religion

(2004 – present)

Demerit is a hardcore-punk band from Beijing, China. They play blazing sets with a ferocious energy mixing street-punk and 1980s metal with pointed commentary on their local social and political situation. Widely recognized as the best punk band in China, the four-piece takes the rebellious spirit of punk very seriously, and have cooperated widely with foreign bands touring China DOA (Canada), Queers (USA), Insurgent Kid (Sweden), SS20 (Germany) and Suck Stuff (Korea), as well as with young new Chinese bands just starting out. Since their formation in 2004, they have planted the flag of Chinese punk throughout the country during their wide-ranging tours and are considered leaders and guides for the younger generation of Chinese punks.

Li Yang – Bass / Vocals
Zhang Ning – Guitar
Du Shuai – Drums

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