The Flying Mantas

Based in: Beijing, CHINA
For fans of: Dick Dale and the Deltones, the Damned, Wire, Buzzcocks, Link Ray, Ramones
(2003 – present)

Surfs up! The Flying Mantas are a Xiamen-cum-Beijing surf-rock trio who incorporate a wide variety of influences – from mid-1970s classic punk rock to rockabilly – into their vibrant sound. While songs like “Spy Theme” recall sunny Californian shores via two-minutes of instrumental jet-propelled neo-surf, “Hernando” acts like sharp slice in the gut, retaining more of a sardonic punk element with wiry guitar riffs and indignant vocals.

Active participants in the Beijing DIY scene, the threesome was once known as You Mei You, pummeling audiences nationwide with their stamp on 1970s punk rock; their shows bombastic, booze-soaked affairs replete with buzzsaw guitars audience bating and dueling male and female vocals by guitarist Skip Lunch and drummer Chery Bomb.

Drums / Vocals – Chery
Guitar / Vocals – Skip Lunch

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