Based in: GERMANY

(1993 ~ present)

Eastcore is a label and DIY space from Eastern Germany. Formed less than four years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collective named themselves “Eastcore” in combined reference to their punk/hardcore roots and their East German identities. Highly influenced by DIY ideas, they run a space where bands can rehearse and organize shows, along with a small studio and silkscreen workshop where they hold courses on silkscreening, design and tour-booking. The members of Eastcore also run their own record label which serves as a base for local bands as well as a point of connection for foreign underground bands entering the European scene. Eastcore’s goal has continually been to help solidify and deepen the punk network existing east of what was formerly the Iron Curtain, while creating a DIY space that fosters young bands’ creativity, identities and collaboration.

Kombination e.V.
Eastcore Records
Karl-Liebknecht-Ring 34
01612 Nünchritz

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