Bastards of the Nation

Released: 2008
Format: CD
Tracks: 10 songs

1. Intro
2. Fight Your Apathy
3. Bastards Of The Nation
4. Bye Bye My Country
5. Live Or Die
6. Beijing Is Not My Home
7. World Has Become A Battlefield
8. T.Z. Generation
9. Fuck The Schemers
10. Voice Of The People

$10.00 USD

Bastards of the Nation is Demerit’s first full-length release on Maybe Mars Records. It was recorded and produced in 2008 by Public Enemy’s Brian Hardgroove, and has become a landmark album for the Chinese punk scene. Demerit mixes elements of 80’s metal with street-punk to create a unique and complex sound that has earned them respect from both punk and metal scenes at home and abroad. With its trademark sound and incisive, politically conscious lyrics, Bastards set the standard for the next generation of Chinese punk bands.

Du Shuai – Drums
Hui Hui – Guitar / Vocals
Li Yang (aka Spike) – Bass / Lead Vocals
Zhang Ning – Guitar

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Brian Hardgroove at A-String Studio, Beijing CHINA

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