Live And Die, In The Prison Of Life

Released: 2005
Format: LP
Tracks: 13 songs

1. The Ugly, the Angry, the Dead
2. Beers, Fights & Broken Love
3. Hail Pissrock
4. Rich Boy Poor
5. Cash & Paroles
6. Strange Ways
7. Isolated
8. Dirty Road
9. Just Another Stupid Song
10. Revolution in a Box
11. Watching Eyes
12. Steh Auf
13. Evil Thirteen

$15.00 USD

Live and Die, in the Prison of Life is the debut album from the German street-punk band Cheap Stuff. It’s 13 tracks of straight-up, hard-drinking punk rock.

Martin – Drums
Tilo – Guitar
Sylvio – Guitar
Ralf – Bass
Frank – Vocals

Recorded, Mixed by Micha at Headquarter/Kugelphone Studio, Berlin GERMANY
Mastered by Andre Hager

Released by