Released: 2010
Format: CD
Tracks: 13 songs

1. We’re Here
2. No Choice for Them
3. Capitalism Disease
4. No Reason For
5. Unacceptable
6. Saviour of the Picture Book
7. More ‘n’ More
8. Ignorant
9. Politics
10. F.Y.P (Fucking Yellow Press)
11. It’s Still ’84
12. Saviour of the Picture Book
13. Capitalism Disease

$10.00 USD

This self-titled CD is the first full-length release from German hardcore-punks, RKS. It includes the six songs off their debut 7″ will adding three more studio tracks and four bonus live tracks. Fuckin’ 80’s Punk Rock!

Mazze – Vocals
Fisch – Guitar
Nobbi – Bass
Goebi – Drums

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Joao (Shottothehead)