Demerit / SS20 split 10″

Released: 2011
Format: 10″ vinyl
Tracks: 06 songs

Side A / Demerit

1. Walking Out of Fog
2. Barefaced Lies & Bullshit Peace
3. Childhood Nightmare

Side B / SS20

1. Taste of the New
2. Heilige Scheisse
3. Rest in Peace

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Heavy meets heavy in this epic ten-inch split between German d-beat masters SS20 and Beijing streetpunks powerhouse Demerit. Incisive musically as they are politically, Demerit combine the power of punk with the technical virtuosity of metal for anthems that are raw and razor sharp. The new tracks take their music a step further with chanted choruses, harmonized speed-metal guitarwork and even delicate Flamenco-style outros. SS20, meanwhile, contribute three epic tracks rife with driving rhythms, guttural growls and soaring melodic guitars. Complete with apocalyptic, hand-drawn cover art, this ten-inch is the stuff your best urban nightmares are made of.

Drums – Du Shuai
Guitar – Zhang Ning
Bass / Vocals – Spike

Additional vocals by Nevin, Josh, Tom, Liz & the Demerit Punk Rock Choir
Recorded, Mixed by Wang Meng in the Spring 2011
Mastered by Robin

Drums – Rico
Guitar – Maik
Bass – Madelaine
Vocals – Rohnny