Beijing Volume Two

Carsick Cars

Released: 2007
Format: 7″ vinyl
Tracks: 02 songs

Side A

1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Hero

Side B

1. Mexico

$7.00 USD

Beijing Volume Two is the second release by the now-defunct Suyin Records, a UK-based label that specialized in Chinese and Japanese underground music. The follow-up to Beijing Volume One, which featured seminal Chinese punk bands Joyside and the Scoff, this edition offers up two tracks from internationally renowned indie rockers Carsick Cars. The A-side, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Hero,” is a classic culled from their self-titled debut, while the B-side, “Mexico,” is a previously unreleased track recorded during the same sessions. With its raw energy, power, and innocence, this record captures Carsick Cars—and the Beijing underground scene—as they were just starting to break.


Shou Wang – Guitar / Vocals
Levis – Bass
Zhong Qiu – Percussion

Produced by Yang Haisong
Engineered by Cao Cao

Released by