Fuck Society

Released: 2011
Format: Double 7″ vinyl
Tracks: 08 songs

Side A / Gum Bleed

1. Civilization Crime
2. Liberation Day

Side B / Cheap Stuff

1. Faded Neonlights
2. Sinking Ships

Side C / Flyx

1. Many Ways
2. Dream World

Side D / RKS

1. F.Y.P. (Fucking Yellow Press)
2. Entertainment All the Time

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Bringing together East and West, this double 7” is a quadruple dose of good old-fashioned punk rock. Fuck Society brings together four bands from across the globe: Gumbleed and Flyx from China, and Cheap Stuff and RKS from Germany. Each band offers up two songs of old-school punk rock with solos, sing-a-longs and socially aware lyrics. The hand-screened cover depicts a squad of riot cops pinning two punks against a brick wall, where they have just spray painted the bands’ names. A printed insert offers up lyrics and liner notes for each recording. A collaboration between Genjing and German label Eastcore, this 7” is part of the growing movement to break down the barriers facing Chinese bands and help to internationalize the Chinese scene. Global Punks Unite!