Cheap Stuff

Based in: Dresden, GERMANY
For fans of: Rancid, Motorhead, Bonecrusher, Wasted, Oxymoron
(2001 – present)

Formed in 2001, Cheap Stuff are a five-piece band from Dresden, Germany that plays a mix of raw, straight-up punk mixed with classic Oi! and street-punk. Over ten years of rowdy shows at pubs and squats across East Germany, Cheap Stuff have made a name for themselves as a group of hard-drinking, fun-loving hooligans. To date they have released two full-length LPs, “Live and Die, in the Prison of Life” (2005) and “Victims of Cheap Stuff” (2011). The band also contributed songs to “Fuck Society,” a double-split 7” that contained music from like-minded bands hailing from East Germany and China.

Frank – Vocals
Jupp – Guitar
Ralle – Bass
Sille – Guitar
Kühner – Drums

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