2011 China Tour

Released: 2011
Format: CD
Tracks: 15 songs

Taken from the Split 7″ with DEMERIT (2011)

1. Taste of the New
2. Heilige Scheisse
3. R.I.P.

Taken from the Split 7″ with FANZUI XIANGFA (2010)

4. Das War Schon Immer So
5. Stolzer Krieger
6. Activist
7. You Are More Punk Than Me

Taken from the “Tear Down Everything” Demo (2009)

8. Intro
9. Labertasche
10. Was War Schon Immer So
11. Stolzer Krieger
12. Nichts Tun
13. Heilige Scheisse
14. You Are More Punk Than Me
15. R.I.P.

$5.00 USD

This 15-track CD was produced for SS20’s 2011 China Tour and compiles all of their recordings up until that time. The disc spans three releases starting from their early 2009 “Tear Down Everything” demo to their vinyl-only splits with Fanzui Xiangfa and Demerit. Full of dark d-beat anthems and fast thrash-metal tracks, this CD has something for everyone, whether punk or metalhead. With three China tours under their belts, SS20 are becoming hardcore favorites for fans from Beijing to Mianyang. Pick up this China-only release now and be ready to scream along to “Activist” or “Taste of the New” next time they invade your town.

Rico – Drums
Maik – Guitar
Marven – Guitar
Madelaine – Bass
Rohnny – Vocals

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