Kaos i Skallen


Released: 2011
Format: Flexi
Tracks: 04 songs

1. Kaos i Skallen
2. Dött Liv
3. Sänkt
4. Trött

$6.00 USD

Based in Umeå, Sweden, Sänkt is the musical brainchild of Fanzui Xiangfa drummer Jonas Lyxzén (also of DS-13 and Insurgent Kid). Formed with local punks Fredrik Lyxzén (Ux Vileheads) and Robin Alvar, their first release “Kaos I Skallen” (Chaos in the Skull) is a hard-hitting dose of early 80’s hardcore mixed with Scandinavian mid-tempo punk reminiscent of bands like the Regulations. Catchy and snotty, the music is filled with the classic punk themes of stress, apathy and depression. “Kaos I Skallen” was released as a clear plastic flexi from the Swedish label Signaler Från Ovan Records.

Robin Westman – Vocals
Jonas Lyxzén – Guitar
Robin Alvar – Bass
Fredrik Lyxzén – Drums

Engineered and produced by Fredrik Lyxzén

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