Inseparable - The Memoirs of an American and the Story of Chinese Punk Rock

Dave O'Dell

Published: August 21, 2011
Format: Perfect-bound Paperback
Pages: 199
Language: English

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Dave O’Dell not only witnessed the birth of the Chinese punk rock scene, he was an integral part of it. In “Inseparable – The Memoirs of an American and the Story of Chinese Punk Rock,” O’Dell offers a personal account of the first decade of the Beijing punk scene, from its 1995 inception in Baihua’r Hutong to its more recent international acceptance at festivals like SXSW.

The book is laid out in roughly chronological order, documenting O’Dell’s twelve-plus years in Beijing and tracing the development of the early scene. By weaving together his memories and recreating dialogue, O’Dell brings to life such pivotal scenes as the debut of 69, Underground Baby’s first show at Solutions Bar, and the first punk show on the Great Wall, all the while providing commentary on the capitals evolving underground.

“Inseparable” is jam-packed with photos, fliers and even scans of “The Great Rock n’ Roll Swindle,” Beijing’s first ever punk zine. O’Dell’s personal story is riveting and his documenting of the scene invaluable for anyone who wants to understand the history of Chinese punk.

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