Rhizoma #2


Published: May 1, 2006
Format: Photocopied
Pages: 32
Country: Korea
Language: English

$2.00 USD

Written in the spring of 2006, the second issue of Rhizoma was written when Nevin returned to Korea to help the American hardcore band RAMBO with their tour there. It includes interviews with RAMBO as well as Korean bands Reanimator, the Geeks and the Explode. Nevin also talks to Kiseok from Open Your Eyes booking about the first-ever Korean “Stay Posi Fest.” The DIY section makes a reappearance with a how-to stencil guide, followed by a review section of CDs and zines from the Korean underground scene. Rhizoma continues to be a highly personal account of the Nevin’s involvement with Asian underground music, and provides a glimpse into a vital local scene that is often overlooked.