Issue #4

Shock & Awe!

Published: November, 2011
Format: Staple-bound A4 size newsprint
Pages: 66
Country: Malaysia
Language: English

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Shock & Awe! is an A4 -sized newsprint zine from Malaysia produced by the Knot Records collective and dedicated to the regional DIY/punk scene.

Issue #04 continues its commitment to this vibrant community with incisive coverage of events and issues current to SE Asia.The bulk of the zine is made up of insightful columns focusing on issues ranging from a history of DIY spaces in Singapore to local anarchist protests to issues around touring bands and “punk tourism.” There are interviews from two great local bands, Daighila (Malaysia) and This is Atlantis (Singapore), as well as sections dedicated to reviews from music, print and film.

With a professional and attractive layout, Shock & Awe! is similar to contemporary punk staples like Razorcake or Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll. However the details are what make this zine great: local top-five lists of sales and downloads, punk news briefs, and the snitch section dedicated to reader contributions all make this zine stand out. Shock & Awe! is a must for anyone interested in understanding the SE Asia DIY scene.

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