Duck Fight Goose release & US Tour

Since their founding in 2009, we’ve been fans of Duck Fight Goose and long-time admirers of the members’ previous projects, Hard Queen, Boojii, Lava | Ox | Sea, and Miniless Records. In that time Duck Fight Goose have become one of Shanghai’s top bands, developing a unique mix of ambient post-rock and math-rock culminating with their widely acclaimed 2011 Maybe Mars debut Sports.

Now we’re excited to be releasing them for the first time on vinyl with the upcoming History seven-inch. On April 1 Genjing Records in cooperation with Maybe Mars (Beijing), Uptown Records (Shanghai) and Tenzenmen (Australia) will be releasing a limited edition single specially pressed on milky-white vinyl. The History seven-inch features the single from their debut album, Sports, along with a remix of “Ghost is On-line,” the cult-favorite ending track of their EP Flow. Available through our webstore as well as from our partners, a limited number of copies will also be distroed in the US through Aquarius Records. Keep an eye out here for updates and on April 1 grab your own copy of Chinese rock history.

For our fans in the States we are also proud to announce that Duck Fight Goose have been accepted in this year’s SXSW in Austin, Texas and are currently in the midst of their first US tour. If you are in Texas or LA you’ll have plenty of chances to check them out in person at any of the dates below.

03/14 Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie Crow Bar Austin, TX
03/16 Music Madness Aussie’s Grill and Beach Bar Austin, TX
03/16 Permanent Wave Monkeywrench Books Austin, TX
03/17 SXSW China Night 512 Bar (408 E 6th St.) Austin, TX
03/18 Full Moon Barn Dance Leeann’s Barn (3600 S 2nd St) Austin, TX
03/19 Big Spill The Korovasa San Antonio, TX
03/21 Fender Show Fender Studio at Center Staging LA, CA