Duck Fight Goose

Based in: Shanghai, CHINA
For fans of: Tortoise, Battles, Animal Collective, TV on the Radio
(2009 – present)

Formed in 2009, Shanghai’s Duck Fight Goose quickly made a name for themselves as one of China’s leading experimental bands. The quartet, which is made up of veterans from respected underground groups like Lava | Ox | Sea, Muscle Snog, Boojii, and Hard Queen, delved into electronic math rock in their widely praised first EP, Flow, which combined angular
experimentalism with a warm, frenetic psychedelia. The album, a cerebral, quirky achievement, was released on frontman Han Han’s label Miniless, and gained a wide following thanks to several countrywide tours. Duck Fight Goose took a stylistic turn with the 2011 release of their debut full-length “Sports” on Beijing-based indie label Maybe Mars. The eleven-track album combines the band’s earlier sound with the lush atmospherics of post-rock for a more mature, distinct sound. Shortly after the release of the well-received “Sports,” the band set their sights on the international scene, striking out to the US for shows in LA and appearances at SXSW.

Han Han – Vocal / Guitar / Synth / Design
Wu Shanmin (33) – Bass / Vocals
Wei Wei (Panda) – Guitar / Synth / Sampler
Cao Die Yu (Da Men) – Percussion

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