Gou Ri De

Released: 2011
Format: 12″ vinyl
Tracks: 11 songs

1. 石油是理由
2. 下一代(情感版)
3. 为人民币服务
4. la Finka 被拆了
5. 在刚果
6. 杜拜
7. 素食注意
8. 军火商人
9. 杀富济贫
10. 彼尔德伯格俱乐部
11. 随便吧

100 RMB

Straight out of the jungles of Yunnan, this self-titled LP is the third release from Kunming-based hardcore-punk band Gou Ri De. The album contains 11 tracks of dark hardcore, with songs varying from straight-up d-beat with Discharge-style vocals and blazing solos, to more angular tracks featuring disjointed rhythms, fractured melodies and catchy twisted hooks. The whole album is shot through with a sense of urgency, as frantic vocals scream out rage over such issues as animal rights, global weapons dealing, oil politics and neocolonialism.

With such a global focus, it’s no surprise that the band is made up of an international crew of local and nomadic crust punks. This self-titled LP was recorded in a Kunming practice room and, like their previous demos, released on the band’s own label, Yanzhaomen Records, which has also released several bootlegs for Canadian and Swedish underground acts. The cover and insert art feature dark apocalyptic Crass/Gee Vaucher-style collages that combine images from Chinese history with those of current international events. Packaged together with English and Chinese translations (as well as tons of stickers) the Gou Ri De LP is perfect for those looking for socially conscious punk out of China.

International orders should be placed directly with the band.

Released by

Yanzhaomen Records