Smash The Pink Bug 7″

Next Year's Love

Released: 2012
Format: 7″ vinyl
Tracks: 02 songs

Side A

1. Smash The Pink Bug

Side B

1. True Love Song

$9.00 USD

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With their vinyl debut, Shanghai all-girl post-punkers Next Year’s Love offer up two raw and dirty cuts of their dark, ‘80s synth goodness. The A side features “Smash the Pink Bug,” a desperately infectious dirge that alternates between spare, atonal melodies and crashing guitar. The B side, “True Love Song,” takes the dance-factor up a notch with drum machine-driven, lo-fi synth-punk, topped by catchy, melodic vocals. Best of all is the mellow-sharp mix of Super Sophia and Vic’s vocals, which, interweaving high-and-urgent with deep-and-alluring, draws you into their fractured, static-pop world. A co-release with Shanghai’s Uptown Records, this 7” is pressed on baby blue vinyl and limited to 500 copies.


Super Sophia – Vocal / Keyboard
Vic – Bass / Vocals
F – Guitar