Alien in a Box 7″

Released: 2012
Format: 7″ vinyl
Tracks: 03 songs

Side A

1. Alien in a Box
2. Calling

Side B

1. Have a Headache

$9.00 USD

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Formed in 1993, Germany’s Tiny Ghosts feel like a throwback to the days of late-80s and early 90s college rock. On their new 7: “Alien in a Box,” the band offers up three songs that combine the tuneful, big guitar sound of early 90s indie rock with punk energy and quirky, heartfelt lyrics. Side A features the title track “Alien in a Box” along with “Calling,” catchy, melodic songs driven by clear vocals and underpinned by a tightly crafted complexity. Meanwhile, side B contains the sprawling “Have a Headache,” an instrumental track that unfolds over seven-and-a-half minutes, slowly building its stark, repetitive melodies into peaks of soaring euphoria. Keeping with the personal aesthetic of their music, every record comes packaged in beautiful, hand-screened covers that come printed in a variety of colors.


Bibi – Vocal / Guitar
Jörg – Guitar
Münze – Bass
Rico – Drums


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