La Chupacabra

Released: 2012
Format: 7″ vinyl
Tracks: 02 songs

Side A

1. La Chupacabra (3:34)

Side B

1. Careful What You Wish For (4:42)

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This two-song 7” from Shanghai-based stoner rock outfit the Fever Machine has unlikely beginnings, having been spawned from the fiery climes of Ecuador and China’s own Chongqing during recent tours from the hard-gigging trio and refined back at their Shanghai headquarters.

“The Chupacabra kept coming up in conversation while we played in Ecuador last year,” said lead vocalist/guitarist Dan Shapiro, referring to the mysterious bloodsucking beast rumored to haunt the Americas. “And when I saw a dead goat strung up on a street in Chongqing with blood dripping out of its mouth, the whole thing just came together.”

The aftermath is a blend of swirling guitars, machine-gun bass attacks and forceful staccato drums capped with memorable vocal melodies and infectious hooks.

Tracked in China, mixed in Quito and mastered at New York’s West West Side Music by acclaimed engineer Alan Douches (Mastodon, Baroness, High on Fire), “La Chupacabra” sees the Fever Machine packing all of its progressive elements into a tight, pop-friendly package that deftly illustrates the self-described “three loud guys” hitting peak performance.


Dan Shapiro – Guitar / Vocals
Fabien Barbet – Bass / Vocals
Miggs Bustamante – Drums / Vocals