The Fever Machine

Based in: Shanghai, CHINA
For fans of: Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath, Kyuss Lives
(2010 – present)

The Fever Machine, an international trio that proffers a tightly-wound brand of self-described “epic, schizo rock,” combines the swirling, spacey elements of psychedelia with progressive song structures. While the outfit never shies away from melodic pop hooks, they manage to harness the raw power and grime of stoner rock and proto-metal without buffering out the dents.

Formed in Shanghai in January 2010, the group has toured China extensively, landing prime slots at the country’s top festivals (Midi Modern Music Festival, Modern Sky) alongside high-profile gigs in the US and Ecuador.

Their 2011 debut LP Living In Oblivion, a nine-track self-released effort that showcases the band at peak performance, was met with both domestic and international critical acclaim. With the November 2012 release of the two-song 7” “La Chupacabra” on Genjing Records, the band proves that if the world does manage to end, they’ve made sure to leave us with the perfect soundtrack as the sparks fly.

Dan Shapiro – Vocals / Guitar
Fabien Barbet – Bass / Vocals
Miggs Bustamante – Drums / Vocals

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