pg.lost / Wang Wen (罔聞) split 12”

Sweden and China join forces with a collaboration between Scandinavian superpowers pg.lost and domestic post-rock outfit Wang Wen (罔聞)

Long-running domestic post-rock outfit Wang Wen are named after a classical idiom: 置若罔聞—zhì ruò wǎng wén, or to turn a deaf ear.

It’s perfect for these DIY aficionados.

In the decade-plus since two teenagers in coastal Dalian Province first heard the Smashing Pumpkins by way of discarded cut-out tapes and picked up guitars, the now-fivesome have always gone their own way, eschewing the more corrosive elements of the domestic music industry by not giving into current trends and tweaking their sound for broader commercial appeal.

In doing so, the quintet has firmly positioned themselves as respected fixtures in the country’s maturing post-rock scene with their lush, atmospheric soundscapes that are the rock genre’s equivalent of orchestral movements.

Their new effort, a split 12” vinyl with self-described Swedish experimental instrumentalists pg.lost, themselves veterans of two China tours, sees the band journey further down the inward-looking path that they’ve been exploring with their past few efforts, including this year’s critically-acclaimed full-length 0.7, released this past spring on homegrown label Weary Bird Records.

A collaboration between Genjing Records, Chengdu-based booking agency New Noise and Weary Bird Records, this self-titled release—coming weeks after the band wrapped up a six-date European tour with pg.lost and MONO—is further evidence that China’s growing post-rock scene is now blinking brightly on the international radar.

The self-titled 12” will be available for purchase on Mon, Dec 31 through our website and at XP.