Ripping Records

Based in: Orlando, USA

(2007 ~ present)

This Orlando-based label originally started as way to promote the thriving punk scene at the now-demolished Hazel Street Duplex, home to the Danger Room Recording Studio and the bands RunnAmuckS, SuperAIDS and Ghost Aquarium. After wild-eyed hardcore outfit Libyan Hit Squad recorded their debut album in the hallowed space, the bands took a cue from the legendary SST Records and decided it would be in their best interest to put all of their music out under one roof.

Since then, the label has put Orlando’s DIY scene firmly on the map, in part due to the constant gigging of their acts and a steady stream of high-profile releases, including full-lengths from RunnAmuckS (Deficit of Dreams) and the Full Circle split 12” vinyl by Libyan Hit Squad and Chinese freak-punk outfit Round Eye, a recording that features former Black Flag mastermind Greg Ginn, the punk legend who helped inspire it all.

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