Based in: Norrköping, SWEDEN
For fans of: Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Explosions in the Sky
(2004 – present)

This self-described experimental instrumentalist outfit was born when members from My Idea of Fun and the acclaimed Eskju Divine joined forces to explore the tremors erupting from the country’s burgeoning post-rock underground. Since then, they have quickly catapulted themselves to the top of the Scandinavian country’s crop of musical exports.

While the band solemnly proclaims itself as one that creates music that is “an orchestra of the heart, a playground for the long-lost sporadic thoughts of giving in or getting back that which throbs with great melancholy,” who they are and what they’re all about is actually very simple—

They concoct epic post-rock anthems that ferry listeners through a wide chasm of emotions—from chest-thumping triumph to fetal-position despair—via sweeping instrumental movements.

Veterans of two well-received China tours, the forward-looking foursome took the next logical step in the push for better Sino-Swedish relations in late-2012 with the release of a split 12” with Chinese post-rock outfit Wang Wen (罔聞), the Chinese post-rock standard-bearers that they shepherded through a European tour with fellow heavyweights MONO.

As local music scenes become increasingly connected to global movements, pg.lost have successfully positioned themselves as major players in China’s new role as an essential destination for any serious-minded recording artist, a role that they’re sure to occupy for a long time to come.

Mattias Bhatt – Guitar
Gustav Almberg – Guitar
Kristian Karlsson – Bass
Martin Hjertstedt – Drums

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