Wang Wen

Based in: Dalian, CHINA
For fans of: MONO, Tortoise, Explosions in the Sky
(1999 – present)

Long-running domestic post-rock outfit Wang Wen are named after a classical idiom: 置若罔聞—zhì ruò wǎng wén, or to turn a deaf ear.

It’s perfect for these DIY aficionados.

In the decade-plus since two teenagers in coastal Dalian Province first heard the Smashing Pumpkins by way of discarded cut-out tapes and picked up guitars, the now-fivesome have always gone their own way, eschewing the more corrosive elements of the domestic music industry by not giving into current trends and tweaking their sound for broader commercial appeal.

In doing so, the quintet has firmly positioned themselves as respected fixtures in the country’s maturing post-rock scene with their lush, atmospheric soundscapes that are the rock genre’s equivalent of orchestral movements.

With the inroads made into Europe as a result of their cooperation with Swedish post-rock outfit pg.lost, Wang Wen is primed to continue to dazzle audiences with their pure, instrumental post-rock for as long as the band, according to co-founder Xie Yugang, continues to unleash their emotion until sparks fly and burst into flames.

Xie Yugang – Guitar
Geng Xin – Guitar
Zheng Zi – Bass
Zhou Lianjiang – Drums
Zhang Yanfeng – Keyboards

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