Happy Holidays!

If they’re anything like us, the music lovers in your life probably enjoy the occasional seven inches of pleasure. Check out our holiday discount packages:

Two seven-inches for $10 USD

Three seven-inches for $15 USD

Stuff your buddies’ stockings with some of our freshly-pressed wax, including the latest releases from Tiny Ghosts, Next Year’s Love, Dear Eloise, the Fever Machine, Gum Bleed, Sick Times and Fanzui Xiangfa, the hardcore band that ushered in the birth of our label.

You can explore a full list of our efforts over the past 18 months on our release page.

If twelve inches are more your style, we suggest Split Ends, the AM444/Tussle split 12” that marked our debut foray into floor-thumping, electronic waters, or Full Circle, the aforementioned Libyan Hit Squad/Round Eye split 12” for those with more punk-oriented tastes.

You can also pre-order the pg.lost/Wang Wen split by sending us an email.

Longtime Genjing artists Demerit are kicking off an eight-date domestic tour on Sun, Dec 30 in Shijiazhuang. If they’re going to be rolling through your town, it might be a good idea to brace yourself by picking up their most recent release, last year’s self-titled 10” split with German hardcore outfit SS20, a six-song slab of Grade-A metal-infused punk rock that’s heavier than a brick shithouse.

And if you’d like to learn more about the DIY scene in China, we recommend securing a copy of Inseparable, David O’ Dell’s indispensable memoir of the mid-1990s Chinese punk scene, or an issue of Rhizoma, our lovingly-handcrafted zine that injects a bit of old-school DIY ethos into China’s rapidly-maturing creative discussion.

Hurry! Holiday prices until Wed, Jan 2.