Dear Eloise: “Vanishing Winter” 7″

Spring is here and we’re pleased to announce a release date for our latest record, the seasonably-appropriate “Vanishing Winter,” the new seven-inch from acclaimed Beijing-based experimental noise-pop duo Dear Eloise:

Sat, Apr 6 at Beijing live music venue and record shop XP.

This release party will be a collaborative effort with Share the Obstacles—that’s band member Yang Haisong’s record label, folks—and will feature performances by After Argument—guess whose band?—with DJ sets from Genjing buddies Zaza and Liu Yike alongside label head Nevin Domer spinning cuts of classic 1980s hardcore.

Yang Haisong will man the decks, too.

In a word, expect lots of quality Yang Haisong musicianship. It’s 60RMB to get in and you get a free copy of the record.

Here is some information about the new vinyl record that you will be walking away with:

Since their inception in 2008, Beijing alchemists Dear Eloise have issued a steady stream of releases from their home studio that have been well-received by fans and critics alike despite shying away from performing live (they do not) and courting the media (they do not do that, either), instead quietly giving flight to their indelible fuzz-soaked concoctions and letting them speak for themselves.

Vanishing Winter, the duo’s fourth 7” on Genjing Records (and seventh release overall), is a departure from the playful shoegaze-influenced pop purity of their earlier work, tacking down a darker path with two self-produced cuts pressed on emerald-green vinyl.

“Vanishing Winter,” the A-side, forcefully announces itself with multi-instrumentalist Yang Haisong’s rhythmic ice-brittle guitar anchored by a trotting bass. In the background, a second unleashed guitar taps out bright arpeggios and Sun Xia’s disembodied ethereal voice rises and falls—nowhere and everywhere.

And that ever-present fuzz glows like banked coals.

Behind the omniscient crackling and hissing like crossed wires from a supernatural radio transmission, the simple chord progressions and ghostlike vocals of the B-side, “The Place in White Light,” attempt to penetrate the dissonant wall like green springtime shoots. But they don’t—the static thickens and grows increasingly anxious before the rhythm section, a dirgelike bassline and percussive fills, are abruptly swallowed and extinguished like a candle snuffed by an unworldly presence.

Sounds great, right? It is indeed very much different from their previous releases. And what do you think about the cover? We think it’s neat and overall, a nice soundtrack to accompany all of those fuzzy white helicopter things floating in the springtime breeze.

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Dear Eloise’s “Vanishing Winter” will be released on Sat, Apr 6 at XP, 9pm, 60 RMB (includes a free copy of the 7″)