The Dyne

Image courtesy of 九口
Based in: Beijing, CHINA
For fans of: Morphine, Dick Dale, Joyside

(2012 – present)

“Everything nowadays is so ready-made—it’s so commercial,” said Si Yunge, guitarist for the Dyne, in a recent interview. “We want to break away from this fast-food kind of music.”And they have. The Beijing-based duo (the other guy is percussionist Bai Tianke, above right) has developed a reputation for galvanizing capital city crowds with their laconic brand of minimal surf rock cool. Much like the palms and waves they conjure up with their tremolo-heavy riffs, the pair’s music is a bold statement unique in its ability to be forceful yet restrained, brimming with tension and smooth as the glimmering hood of a moonlit ‘55 Chevy.Seasoned vets of the country’s surging independent music scene with a knack for detail (the pair practiced for an entire year before making their public debut) and accolades from high places (Michael Pettis and Yang Haisong, two of China’s most powerful music scene kingmakers, have offered their endorsements), the twosome are poised to spearhead a new East Asian creative renaissance.Despite their unique position in the country’s independent music scene, however, the Dyne remain humble and emit a DIY ethos: “We hope that more and more people will learn more about what we’re doing here in China,” said Yunge. “And of course we would like it if other people appreciated our music, but if nobody liked it, we wouldn’t fret either—we’re doing this for ourselves.”

Si Yunge – Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Bai Tianke– Percussion