MOTO / Round Eye 2013 China Tour

Good news for people who enjoy their DIY served with a side of sax: Shanghai rock and roll dudes Round Eye are bringing their raucous sideshow to eight cities across China later this month as the support act for American garage punk legends MOTO. Dates after the jump.

Thurs, May 30: Shanghai: Live Bar (with Fei Ma)
Fri, May 31: Beijing: Temple Bar (with Gou Shen)
Sat, June 1: Beijing: School (with Bedstars and Gou Shen)
Thurs, June 6: Shanghai: Dujia Livehouse (with Pairs)
Mon, June 10: Nanchang: Black Iron
Tues, June 11: Hefei: On the Way
Wed, June 12: Suzhou: Wave Livehouse (with Guo Shen)
Thurs, June 13: Shanghai: Harley’s (with XXYY and Iron Virgin)
Sat, June 15: Hong Kong: Hong Kong Brewhouse (with Gou Shen)
Sun, June 16: Zhuhai: Live Bar (with Gou Shen)

Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed a gap in early-June: Round Eye studio sessions, folks. Look forward to a live birth sometime this year. We’ll send you an ultrasound after we take these guys to the clinic.

It’s been a wild 18 months for the self-proclaimed “sexiest, hairiest, loudest and most nearsighted band in the land of China.”

Materializing in early-2012 with the arrival of band founder/itinerant jukebox salesman Chachy in Shanghai, the five guys swiftly developed their bona fides in our southern sister’s independent music scene with their irreverent attitude and gigs that blur performance art with creative crowdsourcing.

Plus balls for those who go for the, ahem, low-hanging fruit.

On a sonic level, the fivesome have taken a cue from Doctor Frankenstein and stitched together limbs of disparate elements in an unholy matrimony: sax-propelled rock and roll, doo-wop harmonies and standard issue post-punk all jostle for space alongside a conga line of thematic influences that range from traveling carnival sideshows to drag revues.

Full Circle, their split 12” with American experimental punk outfit Libyan Hit Squad, was released in China last December on Genjing Records and has received universal acclaim from punters and pundits alike with each heralding the effort as a new and exciting beginning for Sino-American creative relations.

Headliners MOTO, lest we forget, have been fighting the good fight since 1981 when they emerged out of the swamps of New Orleans to spray the world with their often-juvenile brand of rock and roll (“Crystallize My Penis”, anyone?).

Anchored by the songwriting skills of band co-founder Paul Camporino, a figure that the Chicago Reader has called a “budding genius,” the upcoming tour marks the first time that the Masters of the Obvious have performed in China.

While MOTO’s lineup has naturally shifted over the past three decades—Camporino remains the only constant member—his support for DIY values has been unwavering and is evident in the constant stream of releases on a variety of formats (vinyl!) and labels (Criminal IQ Records!) and positive mental attitude:

“I try to make MOTO upbeat and energizing,” Camporino said in an interview with a fanzine. “I want people to feel better when they hear us.”

We feel better already. What other incentive do you need? Brace yourself: summer is coming—prime time to let your freak flag fly in various states of undress. Now get out there and go get weird. See you at the gigs!

You can follow Round Eye’s wacky exploits and tales from the road on Facebook and Douban. And for more info on China’s DIY and vinyl community, you can find us on Weibo, Twitter and Facebook.