Daikaiju, the instrumental surf rock outfit who bill themselves as “premium action heroes deliver most high rocket music!” will touch down in Beijing on Fri, July 26, presumably via Air Mothra, for a pair of gigs at XP and Temple.

Like any other pop culture export from our island neighbors to the east, Daikaiju are whimsically abnormal, keeping their identities hidden with kabuki masks as they spread their aquatic brand of tremolo-laced cheer across the world from their secret underground headquarters.

“Flight of Garuda”

And like anyone else who comes across our radar, they’re firm adherents of the DIY ethos, regularly touring and releasing a stream of vinyl and collaborative efforts over the past decade, including a self-titled 2005 full-length that catalyzed Pitchfork into proclaiming them “one of the best surf bands in existence,” and their most recent effort, Double Fist Attack, a seven-inch that the band independently released this past March.

But upon closer examination — behind the greasepaint, monster movie imagery, seizure-inducing website and nonsensical turns of phrase — the outfit actually hail from the United States: Huntsville, Alabama to be exact, the polar opposite of Tokyo on all fronts: a region that has more in common culturally, aesthetically and geographically with say, Bigfoot and Daniel Boone than the band’s beloved Mothra and Godzilla.

Not that any of this is relevant, though, because on the live front, the quartet is known for their for their charismatic performances that, perhaps unsurprisingly, lean heavily on silent kabuki-style posturing paired with antics that blur the line between participant and innocent bystander.

When asked via email how they felt about performing in the Big Dragon Land of the East for the first time, the band cryptically replied, “Worship psycho surf band Daikaiju daily for good luck and health!”

Here’s the show info:

Fri, July 26 at XP
Support: Molds, Round Eye, the Dyne
9:30pm, 50/40RMB (students)

Sat, July 27 at Temple
Support: Round Eye, low bow
9:30pm, free