Dear Eloise / Underground Lovers split 7″

Genjing Records is proud to announce our first release for the autumn schedule, a split 7” between Beijing noise-pop duo Dear Eloise and seminal Australian indie rock outfit Underground Lovers.

Over the past two decades, Underground Lovers have won an ARIA Award, played shows in the US and UK and released six records on both indie (Shock, 4AD, Rubber) and major labels (Polydor, BMG). Critically lauded and universally loved, the band galvanized the music world this spring with Weekend (Rubber Records), the band’s first full-length release in over a decade.

This two-song self-titled effort, a joint release with Melbourne-based label Rubber Records, marks a significant step forward in Sino-Australian creative relations and we’re happy to be leading the charge.

The artwork for the self-titled split features graphic design from the acclaimed UK studio Other Rooms with silkscreened covers produced by IdleBeats in Shanghai. Limited to 500 copies, this release will be available for sale in Australia on Sat, Aug 31 at Underground Lovers’ release party at Northcote Social Club in Melbourne. In addition to a performance by Underground Lovers, the event will also feature a sonic showcase of independent music from China’s underground, including cuts from Dear Eloise, the band’s vinyl buddies.

Doors open at 8:30pm, $22/$18 (pre-sale). For ticketing info, call 1300 724 867 or inquire via Corner Box Office (57 Swan St, Richmond). Email here.

The effort will see a release in China on Sat, Sept 28 at The Other Place, an official Beijing Design Week event that will also double as a silkscreening workshop and exhibition by IdleBeats, the esteemed Shanghai-based design studio that produced the album covers alongside a special edition poster.

We’ll have more materials available to celebrate the release — the first of its kind of which we’re aware — as summer turns to fall, including a narrated virtual showcase of IdleBeats’ greatest hits and interviews with both Underground Lovers and IdleBeats co-founder Nini Sum. Stay tuned!