IdleBeats’ Greatest Hits

As we count down the days to Saturday’s Underground Lovers/Dear Eloise release party and screen printing workshop, we asked IdleBeats co-founder Nini Sum to select five of the studio’s most memorable posters

5. Dear Eloise
The main idea was to create a scene that brings people a kind of visual feeling that’s similar or connected to what it feels when you listen to Dear Eloise. So I was wandering around Nanjing one day and taking photos of a public park and people chilling around. Later on, this image of a boy playing in that park kept appearing when I was walking around the city listening to their music. Then I treated the photos into a certain mood, kept the color tones grayish and also added rain and moonlight effect, so it’s a bit moody and surreal, also like a frame from a movie, which leads to unknown stories.

4. ‘Bolon Yocte’
Another masterpiece by Gregor, this illustration pictures the Mayan goddess of doom, Bolon Yocte, surfing the very last big wave of blood on the tablets of law before the whole world goes down on December 21st, 2012, which was the date of this concert: a psy-trance gig by Magic Garden. So it’s the poster to have to remember how lucky we are to stay alive after 2012!

3. Li Zhi’s ‘Report Back’ Concert
Li Zhi is one of my favorite musicians in China. Every year, he hosts a concert in Nanjing — my hometown. So I was so stoked when I got asked to design and print a poster for his concert last year. It’s a scene of him watching himself in an old TV, singing on a big screen drop in the forest with some animal audience. The TV signal leaks out like rainbow colors and makes it hard to tell which side is the reality. I came up with this image because I figured the report concert one part is for the fans and audience, but more for the musician’s self-communication and examination.

2. Mr. Fish’s Dinner
I made this for a Sub-Culture gig at Shelter in Shanghai. We’ve been working with the Sub-Culture crew since the very early stages of the studio up until today. “Mr. Fish’s Dinner” is a weird movie/dream scene that formed up in my head, which has this mysterious and dark fantasy feeling that just fits their music perfect!

1. Handsome Furs
This one of our earliest local gig posters by Gregor. It’s got the perfect drawing and color palette with beautiful Asian elements all together creating a lovely atmosphere for the great band. Although it was a struggle to print — back in those days, we only had very basic and poor set-ups — but the process was just so memorable and experimental. After printing, we also pasted several posters around the city with homemade wheat paste, and the next day, we sold a bunch at our first poster booth at Yuyintang, the place where Handsome Furs played. So all in all, this was just such an enjoyable poster project and our precious memory.

Join IdleBeats and Genjing Records this Saturday at the Other Place for an official Beijing Design Week event that will double as a silkscreening workshop and the official domestic release party for our Underground Lovers/Dear Eloise split 7”.

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