Streets Kill Strange Animals

Based in: Beijing, CHINA
For fans of: Sonic Youth, Fugazi, My Bloody Valentine
(2008 – present)

Streets Kill Strange Animals is a noise rock band from Beijing, China. With comparisons drawn to Chinese post-punk godfathers P.K. 14 and Sonic Youth, Streets Kill Strange Animals have made a name for themselves with their fuzz drenched melodies, pounding rhythms and explosive energy, both on stage and in the studio. Lyrics about lost childhoods and the disconnection between people and nature that typifies life in 21st century China only adds enigmas and intrigue to a band whose moniker references roadkill. With time there is nothing to stop Streets Kill Strange Animals becoming figures of underground folklore in the Chinese music scene, inspiring kids across the country to crank up the fuzz, turn off the lights, and talk about just how strange the streets can be.

Leng Mei – Vocals / Guitar
Yang Dan – Bass / Keyboard
Qu Dawei – Drums

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