Go Big Shadow City!!!


We, the mostly sober, generally congenial mopes here at Genjing World HQ Beijing PRC are pleased as proverbial punch to announce the release of our very first full length long player on phonographic record format, not to mention Alpine Decline’s Genjing Records debut, Go Big Shadow City! Beijing via Los Angeles transplants, Alpine Decline have truly captured the post-apocalyptic spirit of their adopted city with an album that could only have been made within the confines of the über-polluted, Blade Runner-esque concrete jungle/Petri Dish that is the Red Capitol – lilting vocals, driving percussion and crisp, buzzing melodies rise and fall from atop a dense sea of aural murk that acts as a fluid foundation of sorts, throughout the course of the eleven songs featured. All hyperbole aside there’s plenty more where that came from, we can’t stop spinning this lovingly crafted, urbane monster. It’s just that good. Don’t believe us? Decide for yourself, dear potential customer! We’ve conveniently embedded a full stream of Go Shadow Big City right here in this space – you’re welcome.

Once you’re done with your complimentary, sonic test drive and are ready to hand over your hard earned wampum to us in exchange for a brand spankin’ new, shrink wrapped Go Shadow Big City wax platter, you’ve (potentially) got some, er, colorful decisions to make: You see, in our ongoing quest for world domination, we’ve pressed GBSC in four different colors, one for each region in which the album is being distributed; Red = China (natch), Gray = Australia, Green = Europe and Blue = North America. So, if you aren’t fond of the color we’ve assigned your particular region, or feel the completely understandable need to collect all four slabs, hit us up here and we’ll sort you out, post haste. Of course, like all worthwhile commodities, this is a first come first serve, while supplies last kind of deal. Also, shipping costs will vary depending upon how you wanna roll – just sayin’. Many thanks in advance for your kind patronage and happy listening!