Alpine Decline China Tour

Fresh off a highly productive jaunt through Australia and the release of, arguably, their best full length to date, GO BIG SHADOW CITY, Beijing’s Alpine Decline are now set for an extensive tour of their host country, The People’s Republic of China! Not only will the band be lugging around heaps of limited edition phonographic records as well as beautifully hand-screened posters printed by the fine folks at IdleBeats, they’re also bringing along their brand spanking new baby boy, Roland – yes, Jonathan and Pauline named their first born son after one of their favorite pieces of gear! Though the novelty/cute factor of that statement alone should be enough to get you, the proud denizens of the Middle Kingdom, out to one or more of these headlining shows, keep in mind that these two Los Angeles transplants kill it live! No, No, No, not the baby!!! Sheesh. What kind of people…never mind, just make sure you clear your calendars and plan accordingly, these guys don’t disappoint in a live setting. Fact.

Tour Dates

Mar 14th – YuYinTang [Shanghai]
Mar 15th – VOX [Wuhan]
Mar 16th – 46 Livehouse [Changsha]
Mar 18th – Black Iron [Nanchang]
Mar 20th – Real Live [Xiamen]
Mar 21st – TBA [Guangzhou]
Mar 22nd – Hidden Agenda [Hong Kong]
Mar 23rd – B10 [Shenzhen]
Apr 4th – NUTS [Chongqing]
Apr 5th – There Livehouse [Deyang]
Apr 6th – Little Bar [Chengdu]
Apr 9th – The Roof [Louyang]
Apr 10th – Aperture [Xi’an]
Apr 11th – 7 Livehouse [Zhengzhou]
Apr 12th – Ark Livehouse [Xinxiang]
Apr 13th – Hong Tang [Shijiazhuang]
Apr 19th – Yugong Yishan [Beijing]
Apr 25th – Castle Bar [Nanjing]
May 18th – New Wave Festival [Dalian]
Jun 6th – Miaojiaqiao #8 [Shaoxing]