Pairs Final Run of Shows (Sigh)

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock out in Turkmenistan or Nebrahoma or Huairou or whatnot, scrappy no-fi Shanghai punk duo, Pairs, are officially hanging it up this spring after several, ahem…fruitful, borderline masochistic years of destroying eardrums, amps and venues across the Middle Kingdom and beyond. The band have a handful of farewell gigs scheduled through May, including one tomorrow night here in Beijing at XP before they (maybe) permanently shuffle off this mortal coil to the chagrin of those of us lucky enough to have partaken in their particular brand of madness/ reckless abandon. In typical Pairs fashion, their “FINAL SHOW”, currently slated for May 31st, will be a decidedly intimate affair that will take place, naturally, at a super secret location somewhere in Shanghai (Xiao Zhong mentioned something about a “bunker” and a buncha like minded noise-mongers, if I remember correctly), so you know that shit’s gonna go off, hard! What’s that you say? Oh, you really, really wanna attend that final show. Well, it’s probably in your best interest to hit up the band directly here and they’ll decide what to do with you. ‘Til then, check out the remaining Pairs affairs below, so as you may plan accordingly…

4/18 @ XP (Beijing)
5/10 @ VOX (Wuhan)
5/17 @ 696 (Wuhan)
5/24 @ Aperture(西安)
5/31 FINAL SHOW (Shanghai)

P.S. We may or may not have a couple of the Pairs/God Bows to Math split 7″s left in the warehouse. Come out to the show and grab ’em while you can, people!