Tom Cruise Loved Katie Holmes

As spring romances burnout in the more raw, sticky heat of summer we’re excited to bring you China’s latest tribute to dying love. Shanghai-based Tom Cruise and Katie Homles channel all the hurt, self-loathing and sadness for sadness sake we demand from a “good” break-up with just the right amount of pose that comes from knowing people are watching. Just like their namesakes, and the love they represent, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the band, was never meant to last. Xiao Zhong (Rhys), also from Pairs, will be returning to his native Australia and while they will be trying to play as many shows as possible before he leaves this fury of summer passion will not last long. Be sure to catch their release shows on June 6, at Shanghai’s YuYinTang, and June 7, at Beijing’s XP, and snag yourself a copy of “你不爱我 (You Don’t Love Me)” so, even after it’s gone, you can relive that bitter sweet pain again and again.