Alpine Decline North American Tour

Alpine Decline 2014 N. American Tour

Following an extremely hectic-backslash-productive jaunt through the drought stricken billabongs of Australia and a truly ambitions two-part tour of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing based, Blundertown transplants Alpine Decline are repacking-up all manner of gear once more, not to mention their year-old baby/roadie/auxiliary touring member, Roland (vox, guitar, drums, synths), and heading over to the American/Canadian left coasts in order to continue on their seemingly never ending mission to promote their most recent, critically acclaimed long player, GO SHADOW BIG CITY. If you already live in that ridiculously gorgeous part of the world, you’re lucky for gajillions of reasons (gorditas! tacos! In-N-Out! poutine!) and if not, well, it’s never not not a good idea to map out a little road trip there, or just go there to, like, “find yourself, maaan.”

In addition to essentials like guitars, pedal boards, synths, drums and Jonathan’s trusty Red Rider BB Gun with a Compass in the Stalk, the band are bringing along a whole bunch of fancy-schmancy, limited edition merch, like colored vinyl editions of GO SHADOW BIG CITY, branded pacifiers, t-shirts and hand screen printed posters courtesy of Shanghai’s Idle Beats. It’s gonna be a time, people, so get all Ferris Bueller on your boss at the fro-yo shop – lick your palms, tell ’em you’ve come down with a gnarly case of mononucleosis, get your Outlook updated + stock-up on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and a sixer of Four Lokos for the drive ‘cuz you’re gonna need to be in LA on August 4th!

8/04 Human Resources; LA
8/05 Knockout SF; San Francisco
8/06 Habesha; Portland
8/07 Guest House; Olympia
8/08 The VFW; Missoula
8/09 Local 510; Calgary
8/10 Vangelis Tavern; Saskatoon
8/11 Wunderbar; Edmonton
8/13 Electric Owl; Vancouver
8/15 The Globe Hotel; Nanaimo
8/16 The Copper Owl; Victoria
8/17 Mamma’s Cave; Seattle