Fanzui Xiangfa 2014 European Tour

Listen up, Europe! We know heaps about you guys. Stuff like y’all never put enough ice in drinks and run around your “villages” and “high streets” with pockets full of gigantic coins that’re actually worth real money, like…savages! SAVAGES, I say! We also know you people are a continent with savagely good ears, too…and shitloads of hardcore fans who do it right – prolly more right than anywhere else on this miserable globe, actually! We like that side of your culture quite a bit – so much so, that we’re (literally) sending one of our/China’s brightest harshest your way for a whole 18 gigs – in 18 days, naturally.

Allow us to set this calendar changing bit of news up a bit further before we continue, if you will: Hmmmm, how shall I put this? Okay, If we here at Genjing Records had a flagship band, which we don’t ‘cuz that’s, like, soooo ‘90s, it’d be Fanzui Xiangfa, for sure, and they, dear European friends, are the artists in question here. So, yeah. Get excited! We most certainly are!!!

But wait, there’s more! Much, much more…but we’re not going to give all the super good Fanzui Xiangfa watercooler goss away all at once. No way! Record labels (inherently) don’t do that kind of thing. Here’s a hint: our fair/relentless purveyors of pure, unadulterated 80s inspired hardcore will be bringing not one, but 2 (that’s TWO) pieces of brand spanking new wax with them on their journey – and we’re not talking about repressings of old shit here folks, we’re talking about a single pressing of the band’s entire catalog on one, standalone slab (also commonly referred to as a discography, methinks) + maybe something a little more on the new, more limited edition side, too! Stick to this space for more on that in due time. “Til then, check out the dates these continent conquering roughscalians will be playing back in the “Old World” with the likes of Bad Nerve and labelmates, SS20, below.

‘Til then, ummm…”Toodaloo”, or, uh, something.

09/17 @ FG7 [Lulea, SWEDEN]
09/18 Movie & Talk @ Verket [Umea, SWEDEN]
09/19 @ Verket [Umea, SWEDEN]
09/20 @ Sippin Collective [Stockholm, SWEDEN]
09/21 @ 128A [Gotenborg, SWEDEN]
09/22 @ Blitz [Oslo, NORWAY]
09/23 @ 1000 Fryd [Copenhagen, DENMARK]
09/24 @ Bumzen [Copenhagen, DENMARK]
09/25 @ Hafenklang [Hamburg, GERMANY]
09/26 @ Zoro [Leipzig, GERMANY]
09/27 @ JAZ [Rostock, GERMANY]
09/28 @ Emil [Zittau, GERMANY]
09/29 @ Bunte Kuh [Berlin, GERMANY]
09/30 @ Eglantier [Antwerp-Berchem, BELGIUM]
10/01 @ Autonoom Centrum Den Haag [The Hague, HOLLAND]
10/02 @ Vrankrijk [Amsterdam, HOLLAND]
10/03 @ Hang Bar [Malmo, SWEDEN]
10/04 @ LOrient [Linkoping, SWEDEN]