Rolling Bowling

Stop the digital presses! Genjing Records have gone rockabilly just in time for the dawn of summer. Okay, maybe not exclusively, but we are mighty proud to announce the worldwide release of our newest split 7″ from none other than Beijing psychobilly darlings, Rolling Bowling and Madrid’s high-octane, rockabilly-centric 13 Bats. For fans of electrified swing, punk, ska, 80’s era rockabilly and flat out Rock & Roll, consider this our (mightily hangover) birthday gift, or whatever, to you and yours. Like most everything Genjing related, this shit’s extremely limited, so you’d best bust open that piggy bank you’ve been staring at for the majority of your adult life and head over to our shop before these things go the way of the styrofoam Big Mac container. Crack open a bottle of rye, pour yourself three fingers and have a listen after the jump. Btw, we’re throwing in a free, unopened tin of Brylcreem, manufactured in 1928, with every purchase! Psych.