Deadly Cradle Death

If we were getting “industry standard real” here on the Genjing blog, we’d most definitely tell you all sorts of carefully calculated, marketing oriented mumbo-jumbo about our new split 7″. That’s going to happen post-de-facto no matter how you shake it. But, what if we got even more real and told you that, in all honesty, if you don’t head over to our shop right now you might miss out on one of the most intense, psych-imbued release we’ve ever committed to wax! That work? Okay, cool. While we’re at it, we may as well go ahead and lend a bit more background verbiage in the name of outright salesmanship: Not only will Deadly Cradle Death straight blow up your bass box, OG space rockers, The Telescopes, have sincerely delivered a long in the making piece of damaged, sonic genius all sorts of people like us music nerds here at the label have been waiting for, like, well, forever. Both of those shares alone should be reason enough to satiate your musical superego, but there’s always more…there always just is. Limited to a pressing of 500, this is not unlike one of those pewter-embossed Civil War soldiers the Franklin Mint goes off about on late night TV – a highly collectable piece of ephemera if there ever was one. Have a listen after the jump and you’ll see/hear what we’re on about. Beyond that, Deadly Cradle Death have a handful of upcoming live US engagements with the likes of Dengue Fever, Chui Wan and Birdstriking! We strongly suggest you left-coasters stock up on earplugs and make an effort to attend, if at all possible. Dates, once more, can also be found after the jump.

Deadly Cradle Death US Dates:
05-30 Los Angeles, CA – Cafe Nela [w/ Chui Wan & Birdstriking]
05-31 Los Angeles, CA – Grand Star Jazz Club [w/ Dengue Fever, Chui Wan & Birdstriking]
06-01 San Francisco, CA – Brick & Mortar Music Hall [w/ Chui Wan]