The Fuzz

As spring edges its way to a chaotic boil better known as summer, we couldn’t think of a better time to announce the immediate release of The Fuzz’s debut 7” with Genjing records! Five years and two full length releases courtesy of the House Party imprint in their rear-view; Xi’an natives, The Fuzz, are a must see/listen for post punk Sinophiles situated on either side of the Bamboo Curtain and Golden Cage b/w This Is The Feeling is just the place to start, provided you would like to work backward toward their humble origins as an angst ridden powerhouse, synth inflected quartet. Engineered and produced by Yang Haisong (Dear Eloise, After Argument) at Psychic Kong, this is the sound of a band literally operating at the height of their aural craft – taught, arpegius leads accentuated by minimal keys and a driving back-end all thrown over the top by Peng Liu’s lyrically emotive, Mandarin motives. In many ways, these tunes are like pre-completed musical jigsaw puzzles one can simply sit back and marvel at, in an auditory sense. Frighteningly inquisitive music, to put it mildly. As has become par for the course here on most all Genjing related record release blog posts, feel free to have a listen after the jump.