Public Eye 7″

The Yours "Public Eye" 7"

Released: Nov 17, 2014
Format: 7″ vinyl
Tracks: 2 songs

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There’s no escaping it: If you’ve heard anything about The Yours, it’s that this Hong Kong based three-piece loves the 90s. The band’s members are very clearly products of the web rather than any particular geography; the Public Eye 7”, their stunning debut for Genjing Records, evinces tastes that run toward fuzzy indie bands from both sides of the pond. Yes, there’s a bit of the wah-pedal guitar violence of Dinosaur Jr., and a little of bratty, lackadaisical detachment of early Pavement, but there’s also the rich tunefulness of Teenage Fanclub and Velocity Girl, and at times, the searingly unadorned resignation of a less dramatic Smashing Pumpkins. However, like so many artists saddled, fairly or not, with the “revival” tag, from post-punk and garage-rock to nu-disco or neo-soul, The Yours are worth hearing not so much because of who they may or may not sound like, but what they’ve done with those sounds: in this case, they’ve made a deeply melodic, casually thrilling coming-of-age pair of tracks for a generation that never saw Nirvana on 120 Minutes…not live anyway. The band distinguish themselves by knowing their way around around a catchy, emotionally evocative song. Sometimes they can be bright and borderline optimistic, almost twee, as in the peppy “ooh-ooh-ooh” endearments of “Public eye”, which comes complete with a snakey, Middle Eastern imbued lead floating atop a massive sea of distortion. Elsewhere, they can be gritty and urgent: Screeches of feedback occasionally drown out drowsy vocals on “Purple”, nicely suiting the neo-psychedelic imagery hidden beneath a storm of C86 guitar malaise. Simply put, for fans of pure, unadulterated indie rock, there’s a high probability The Yours will be on the next cover of that fanzine you’ve been planning on reviving as a reaction to internet saturation: Sonic, contemporary comfort food reminiscent of simpler, fuzzier times.


梁柏霆/Jack – Guitar / Vocals
吳栢軒/Tim – Guitar
黃力行/Nic – Bass / Vocals

Produced by The Yours
“Public Eye” recorded and mixed by Yang Haisong at Psychic Kong, Beijing, Dec 13, 2013
“Purple” recorded and mixed by Nic Wong, Feb 14, 2014
Mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios, Pittsburgh USA
All songs by The Yours
Drums by Nelson Ko and Pie Wong

Art by The Yours
Layout by Die Leung

Managed by Yuman Ng

Special thanks to our families and dearest friends; Yang Haisong, Fuhan, Zhang Shouwang, Nevin Domer, Nikki, Bebe and Reggie from S.T.D, Nelson Ko, Roland Lee, Pie Wong, Gosha Rubchinsky and Tim Head