The Yours "Public Eye" 7"

If Genjing were in the business of manufacturing greeting cards, we’d most certainly have sent one to our hands down favorite Hong Kong three-piece, The Yours, stating something to the effect of, “Happy Record Release Day, Dudes!” Alas, we do not manufacture greeting cards, playable flexi-disc post cards we’ve been known to dabble in, yes, but greeting cards, not so much. That said, as you may well have inferred from the tone of this post, we’re pretty much absurdly thrilled to belatedly announce the immediate release of The Yours latest 45RPM slice of pure, unadulterated indie rock. The Public Eye b/w Purple 7″, which you’re more than welcome to try on for size after the jump, is pretty much everything you’re looking for if you dig melodious tunes cloaked in reverb drenched tsunamis of distortion a’la many a C86 band circa an arguably, less musically convoluted time better known as the 1990s. Indeed, some may throw a revivalist tag on the meticulously loose cacophony of sound these gentlemen have been cultivating for some years down in the former British colony they call home, but in reality, this batch of new material on the band’s part marks a logical evolution in the impossibly catchy batches of sonic abrasion The Yours have been honing since their inception. Limited to 500 copies, we strongly believe that it would be in your best interest to head over to our shop and grab one of these jolly green slabs up before…yeah, yeah – you know the limited edition sales pitch. If you prefer to pick up your vinyl in personable hand to hand exchanges with actual human beings at merch booths (and happen to be in Beijing on July 4th), The Yours are slated to play alongside White+ and The Fuzz on what will in effect be the final ever bill over at XP, a venue which is soon to be a very important footnote in the minds of those close to the underground, experimental scene here in the nation’s capital. Don’t miss out!