MeToo "Frankenstein" Release

No reason to be scared here, folks. This is the frighteningly rad kind of (musical) Frankenstein we’re on about, sorta like Mel Brook’s take on everyone’s favorite lime green monster, rather than Mary Shelley’s – only not funny by any stretch (though definitely fun), quite cinematic at points and highly, highly listenable. Beijing’s MeToo have most definitely pulled out the stops on this 7” single which we here at Genjing are thrilled to be releasing. You can grab this glitchy piece of melodic alt-pop on wax directly with us via our shop or from Far Out Distant Sounds in the US where there are many other Sino-centric vinyl wares you’ll probably want to have a gander at as well. If you’re in Beijing, be sure not to miss Me Too’s official release show this coming Sunday, September 20, at School Bar. Be extra sure not to sleep on this one, Beijingers. It’s gonna be a dandy.