Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes   "A Million Farewells" LP

In our endless quest to work with bands who are basically impossible to Google, we would like to cordially re-re-introduce you to Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes, whose debut long player, A Million Farewells, just happens to be available for pre order right this very second (China / Australia / US)! As keen readers of this here blog will hopefully recall, Genjing threw Tom & Katie’s eponymous 7” “Ni Bu Ai Wo” out into the wilds a little while back, as well. A Million Farewells is a, pardon the expression, million miles from the recordings Xiao Zhong and Sharon Cee-Q first handed us back in the day, as a duo. Don’t get the wrong impression, we’re not throwing shade on our own wares here, folks – those jams are fantastic in their own right, just a whole different ball of wax than the newbie. This visage of Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes is a fully formed unit who’ve delivered an album as stunning as it is challengingly pleasant. Somehow coaxing astonishingly strong production out of seemingly thin air, the band managed to create a long player that has a true flavor of its own, which is quite a feat in today’s musical climate. Don’t miss out, pre-order your copy today!