Photo by Matthew Niederhauser

Based in: Beijing, CHINA
For fans of: Anti-Flag, Rancid, the Casualties, Minor Threat, Suicide Machines

(2008 – present)

This Beijing-based punk outfit emerged on Beijing’s punk scene in Winter 2008 with a fiery take on classic street punk brewed in the bowels of Hebei Province — gritty riffs wrapped with abrasive vocals and a jet-propelled stage presence. Within a few months — through relentless gigging and perseverance — they have since become one of the most important and dedicated bands in the country’s DIY punk scene. Lead guitarist Cao Shuai is active in a variety of projects, while vocalist Luo Pan, in a display of sheer dedication in what is still a very traditional country, held a punk rock wedding party at D-22 in April 2009. Bolstering their reputation as band dedicated to the continued growth of DIY culture in China, the band organized a nationwide tour with Australian punks Backyard Surgeons in 2010.

Yu Haibo – Drums
Luo Pan – Guitar / Vocals
Xu Liwei – Bass / Vocals
Cao Shuai – Guitar

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