Fanzui Xiangfa / SS20

Released: 2010
Format: 7″ vinyl
Tracks: 07 songs

Side A / SS20

1. Das War Schon Immer So
2. Stolzer Krieger
3. Activist
4. You Are More Punk Than Me

Side B / Fanzui Xiangfa

1. D.I.Y!
2. Fuck Your Flag!
3. Nuclear Holocaust

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Members of Fanzui Xiangfa and SS20 met in China in 2006, and since then the two bands have played together in both China and Europe. It was only a matter of time until these bands decided to do a split release together. Bringing together active and politically aware members from both countries’ DIY scenes, the result is the perfect mix of dark dbeat and old-school hardcore-punk!


Kuang Ma – Drums
Ni Fan – Guitar
Mao Bing – Bass / Vocals
Chong Zhuang – Guitar
Liu Liu – Lead Vocals

Additional vocals by Fen Lie and Torbjorn
Backing vocals by Torbjorn and Fanzui Xiangfa
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Huo Likao at Jishengchong Studio in the Summer / Fall 2009
Vocals recorded by Wang Meng and Jan Hansson


Rico – Drums
Maik – Guitar
Madelaine – Bass
Rohnny – Vocals